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Francesco Benigno



The brand Francesco Benigno has its roots in the early twenties of the last Century, when the first generation began to produce handmade footwear for men. The founders, Francesco and Luisa produced, through a skilled labor job, the typical footwear of the period, so doing to offer a product that was characterized by high quality standard.

Today the family has a nearly Century-old legacy of three generations of shoes producers. The brand is a synthesis of deep attachment to traditional Italian shoe and passion for research and product innovation: a mix that makes it the protagonist in the international markets, in many countries of the world. Creative heart and attention to the details in each shoes: the processings are various and all handmade. The most used is certainly the “black method”, which is characterized by strong manual component. Each shoe is colored and shaded by a highly skilled labor, which is capable of making each piece as unique.

Are used only “full grain” natural leathers that exalt the main characteristics of this product. The polishing besides gives life to an infinite range of colors. Each shoe has a production cycle of seven days, time needed for a careful processing, with extensive quality tests, before it’s distributed in the market. Francesco Benigno for men and Luisa Benigno for women: the two brands want to offer the best of craftsmanship together with style Made in Italy.